Greetings from Camp WannaWaddle!

Camp WannaWaddle is a 3-month-long live-in Summer Camp Program based out of Wannawaddle, California. We accept perspective WannaWaddlers from all around the country for Care, regression, and training to the highest degree. Our staff is made up of Regression Experts, Master Carers, and Professional Doms to keep your pamper packers padded, playful, and pent-up during the Program.

The Premiere Regression and Diaper Immersion Camp for Babies Ages 18 to 29.

Once your camper arrives, they will be padded, stripped of all big kid contraband, and put into the processing playtime area. Depending on what they do in the processing playtime area, they will be sorted into one of our Cabin Groups, and will shape their experience into the Areas they are lacking the most discipline in.

Pillow Humpers Cabin

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Padded Princess Cabin


Lakeside Loons Cabin


Diapered Dragons Cabin


Moo-Moo Cabin

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